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Do you want to develop iSmash? You can develop code, plugins, create theme or translate iSmash in other languages. Contact me to nixw0rm [at] gmail [dot] com

FAQ - Frequent Answers Questions about iSmash

Q) What is iSmash?

A) iSmash is a php web application that permits to play mp3 on your server using a
command line unix player like mpg321. This project can be useful to realize a lan
 jukebox by wireless connection or ethernet lan.

Q) How much costs?

A) Nothing, iSmash is an opensource projects, you can modify, copy, and do any
thing under GNU license terms..

Q) Why did you create this project?

A) Because I need an independent jukebox that plays music while my main computer
compiles kernel and I don't want to stop music when i must reboot my main
computer.. There is other project better this, but they are too hard to configure for
newbie and you can't customize theme. Using ssh playing like mp3blaster, but
when you close connection remote server stop playing. Playing by apache
application you can resolve this problem.

Q) What hardware do I need to run iSmash?

A) You can use your old PC pentium processor in the attic, with network cards
(wireless is better), 1 GB hard drive (for your mp3s), 32 MB Ram and a good
soundcard connected to speakers or HiFi System. Operating system: linux (Debian
or Ubuntu is better).

Q) How does it work?

A) You can see iSmash like an mpg321 web interface, but you use it with other unix
players like mplayer, mpg123 or xine simply editing settings.inc.php file, changing
$player and $arguments values.

Q) Can I install iSmash on Solaris, BSD, and other Unix platforms?

A) Yes, but you can't use installation script, so you need manual install and maybe
you need to edit some parts into source code. At moment this project is developed
under Linux and I will release other unix ports in future. If you want to help me to
develop I will be happy.

Q) Can I install under Windows?

A) No, iSmash doesn't support Windows environments, but you can try to run it under
Cygwin environment.

Q) How can I add cover to my mp3 folder?

A) Save a png images into every folder as cover.jpg and jukebox automatically load

Q) I installed jukebox on my server, but when I try to play a track, it doesn't run playing..

A) Slow down... iSmash is under development and his features aren't complete yet..
Anyway check your mpg321 package, if it isn't presents install it. If presents try to edit
settings.inc.php file set $playerlog=true and see log/mpg321.log file for mpg321
errors. Try to add www-data user to audio group typing

# sudo addgroup www-data audio

and reboot linux on remote server.

Q) How can I help you to develop iSmash?

A) You can develop code, plugins, create theme or translate iSmash to others languages.
Contact me to

nixw0rm [at] gmail [dot] com

For other questions, info, contact me.