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Do you want to develop iSmash? You can develop code, plugins, create theme or translate iSmash in other languages. Contact me to nixw0rm [at] gmail [dot] com


What is iSmash? iSmash is a php web application that permits to play mp3 on your server using a command line unix player like mpg321. This project can be useful to realize a lan jukebox by wireless connection or cable ethernet.

This project is written entirely in php4 and Javascript, and can be installed on all Linux platforms, editing code you can adapt to other Unix server.

WARNING: For security reasons don't install iSmash on a server with important data!! Use an old pc as server instead.

You can download iSmash package under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) from sourceforge download area.


Here are some iSmash' features:

  • Play any mp3 trackQueue,

  • single custom playlist

  • supportSwitch next track into playlist, or stop playing